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When I speak to people about manifesting whatever they are desiring at the time, they come back to me and say, “yeah, I did that and it still didn’t work, or something else happened.” While we make vision boards, make our list, say positive affirmation and whatever ritual we use to manifest, something always goes awry. Leaving us feeling confused or sinking their level of faith even further.

One of the things that just became painfully aware to me was the other side of affirmations, while we can affirm the new job, a new romantic mate, abundance etc, etc, what we don’t acknowledge when things don’t go our way is the side chatter that is going on even simultaneously. You know the side chatter…”this is stupid”, it’s never going to work, stuff like this never happens to me.” This side chatter that goes on and on is also manifesting as well, and if we never acknowledge it, the things you want to manifest will never come to fruition because the manifestion goes where the energy and beliefs go.

Another issue is being tethered to the end result, or the how or when. My guides and angels have a way of showing me my lessons in a humrous way, even though at the time I think it sucks, looking back, it’s quite funny. They say it’s like flying a kite, as the kite being the things we want to manifest we release it for God and the Angels or the universe to take care of it for us. As we let it go and see it soar, we are still tethered to the string holding the kite. We have to let it go and trust everything will come to us just as we envisioned, that or something better. We are tethered to the manifestation by wondering when it’s going to happen, or how, never ever really letting it go.

So I say work on your manifestions and set them free, remember to end it with ‘that or something better’ because only the God, Angels, universe knows what’s best for us.Get excited, visualize, be happy in your thoughts about it. And when you hear the side chatter come on, just gently reply to it with “my life is easy.” Don’t beat yourself up for being human, just gently push it aside and keep it moving. Remember your inner chatter are conversations with the universe. Choose them wisely.

10 Tips on Learning to heal

Many are seeking alternative holistic methods to help heal their physical ailment along with traditional medicine. Weather we seek Reiki, Naturopathy or any other healing modality it is imperative to understand exactly what that really means and what it entails. I have clients who have come for a Reiki session not knowing exactly what they are needing, although they may be currently under medical treatment, they still need to feel they have some control over their healing which they do!

Here are some tips to help you learn how to assist in healing your body.

1. Be ready to work, Reiki or any other healing modality is only as good as the client’s participation. These sessions come with channeled information from your guides and the practitioner’s guides, so what comes through it for the highest good for the highest possible healing.

2. Start a journal, believe it or not lots of information that we have stored deep inside can be jarred by jotting down some thoughts. It may be as writing ‘this is so dumb,’ just as long as you are writing it starts the journey of unloading stuff that you no longer need to hold on to making your healing journey easier. Keep a journal next to your bed for the ‘monkey brain’ that thinks of all the stuff right before bed.

3. Be honest with yourself, as you begin to journal don’t be afraid to go beyond your comfort zone and visit the things that we shoved deep down. Ask yourself ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ and allow yourself to go there. Ask your guides and your angels for help as you move forward through your journey of healing.

4. Meditation is one of the best ways to relax your mind, body & soul. It doesn’t have to take too much time, 20 minutes to a half an hour is good. Make sure you’re in a place where you won’t be interrupted by kids, spouse/partner or pets. If you don’t know how to meditate, begin with concentrating on your breathing, take 3 nice deep breaths and then breathe normal, if you find your mind wandering, gently bring it back to your breath. There are also guided meditations that are available on line.

5. Drink plenty of water, keeping hydrated during this time of healing is crucial for your wellbeing. Water oxygenates your cells keeping you alert and your thoughts clear as well as detoxifying your body as it heals. As you’re healing you will find yourself a little more thirsty than normal, grab some water to nurture yourself!

6. Keep positive, one of the most crucial part of healing is keeping positive. Your body listens and response to every thought you have. Keeping a positive attitude by reciting daily positive affirmations will assist in the healing process. It will not only improve your outlook on things it will also improve your life.

7. Be grateful, wake up with gratitude on your mind and in your heart. We tend to focus our attention on the bad things that has happened in our lives or that is currently in our lives. I invite you to switch that, by first looking around and finding the small things to be grateful for. Before you know it, you will find a host of things to be grateful for which will keep us in a constant state of gratitude and wellbeing.

8. Forgiveness, this is a hard for many however not impossible to do once you understand what it’s really about. Unforgiveness is one of the biggest culprit of what is wrong with the world today. Forgiveness is not about the other person that has wronged you, but about you and your ability to let go and move forward from the pain of the past. When we learn to do this, the healing will accelerate allowing one to feel unburden from past hurts.

9. Take some time for yourself, when was the last time you did something that you really enjoyed? As life happens we get caught up in the drama of things and let go of the simple things that really brought joy to our hearts. Pick up that hobby that you so enjoyed doing and get back to yourself. What brings joy to your heart brings about healing to your soul so start today!

10. Let go, as your healing begins and progresses learn to let go of the things that are no longer of any use to you. Listen to the subtle and quiet voice inside and it will guide you accordingly. Know that it’s ok because it means you are healing and growing and you will find people, interest and things that once were great to be around and do, no longer serves you in a way that makes you feel good. As we let go, new people, interest and things will replace the ones that went away. Trust and just go with the flow!

By Elizabeth DeKeyser